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Here at MeEmpowerMe, we believe that people with chronic illnesss should have access to a specific wellness program. To make you feel to be valued and believed, we highlight your values and abilities. To eliminate the barriers that keep you from being socially active, we work with our partner centers where you can share your illness experience and life challenges.

With this service, you will be able to share your knowledge, skills and experience in details with us; We will match you to our partners.

Be socially active

Take part in lectures, workshops, voluntarily activities, with respect to your conditions and in a regular basis

Access to expert panel

We prepare you for social activities with the most proper means according to your goals..

We also care about your diet

We find the best dishes for you, not flaring up your conditions, meeting your needs

You Are A Hero
People are looking for Heroes outside, You have it INSIDE

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Download our application, android or ios version, and sign up

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Determine your main condition and complete your profile according to that

We contact you

We match you with our partner centers and invite you to take part in a wide variety of activities

We are here to help you with all your nutritional needs

Take control of your health and diet wherever you are. Save yourself the trouble of finding suitable dinning place. Sign up for our online service and receive a list of bakeries, pastries and restaurants serving foods and dishes that cover your nutritional needs and don’t flare up your conditions.  

MeEmpowerMe Health group

MeEmpowerMe is an online service owned and operated by medical and tech experts dedicated to providing quality and accessible mental and physical wellness service to people with chronic conditions of all ages in Toronto in 2022.

Our service focus on highlighting your knowledge, skills and experience, and it is our goal to provide the best opportunity to make you feel to be valued and believed. We hope you place your trust in MeEmpowerMe.

living with chronic conditions Make yourself visible!

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Chronic conditions

Ozempic Face: what can we do?

People taking Ozempic often experience rapid weight lose which can lead to a thinning of the face, known as "Ozempic face".

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living with chronic conditions Make yourself visible!
Mental Health

Chronic Conditions and Mental Health

Due to the physical and mental stress that comes with a chronic condition, it is common for people to experience depression, social isolation, and difficulty in managing daily activities. People with chronic conditions are also more likely to experience comorbidities such as anxiety and stress.

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Mental Health

Managing Stress Before a Driving Test

Taking the time to relax before the test will help to clear your head and reduce

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